CRF Hosts 10th Annual Top100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Cooking Show


Chinese Restaurant Foundation Hosts the 10th Annual

Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award Cooking Show

Celebrating the Year of the Horse


Newark, Calif. (January 6, 2014) –Celebrating the Year of the Horse, the Chinese Restaurant Foundation (CRF)hosts the 10th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award & Cooking Show today, with Celebrity Chef Martin Yan, Chair of the Foundation. Alongside with the show are the Chinese calligraphy exhibition and the Business Submit. Collectively, these festivities kick off a joyful Spring Festival of 2014.


January 2014 is blessed with two “New Year” holidays that signal double happiness to everyone.  According to the ancient farming calendar and the Chinese Zodiac, 2014 is the Year of the Horse that will begin on January 31. In China, Spring Festival is the most important social and economic event of the year, traditionally linked to honoring family reunion, worship of ancestors and welcoming good fortunes. Celebration is always centered around food and cooking.  “In the US, Chinese Restaurant Foundation, the first non-profit organization, calls for a restaurant tasting and culinary show to present Chinese culture to Americans,” said Theresa Lin, the co-chair of CRF. 


The 10th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award Cooking Show is taking place at the building, located at 8407 Central Ave, Newark, CA 94560. Participating restaurants include some of the hottest eateries in the Bay Area, such as Ginger Café, Penang Garden, Madhuban Cuisine, Sushi  Island, Michelle’s Pancake House, 85C Bakery, Little Hot Pot and Master Chef Martin Yan’s newest dining concept M.Y. China. Leading the chef tasting & culinary demo are Chef Tony Wu, Chef Jimmy Zhang, Chef Raymond Tang and Chef Eddie Cheng. “This is an exciting day for us. We have restaurateurs coming from 32 states to attend the Foundation’s board meeting today, ” said Betty Xie, secretary of CRF. Joining the ribbon cutting at noon are 15 Foundation board members, Celebrity Chef Martin Yan, David Smith, Mayor Emeritus, Ro Khanna and Alan Nagy, Mayor of Newark, the event hosting city.


On an average day, Americans enjoy 3,770,000 meals prepared in Chinese restaurant kitchens across the States. From Chinatown to the main street, from urban takeouts to neighborhood diners, Chinese cuisine has become a daily fixture of the American dining scene.


About Chinese Restaurant Foundation (CRF)

CRF is the first non-profit organization for the development of the Chinese cuisine in the US. Its mission is to unify the Chinese restaurant industry, promote its development and bolster communication among its members. CRF organizes the national Top100 Chinese Restaurants Award show, and continues the tradition of annual gathering for operators of the American-Chinese restaurants since  2004 (



随着马年的降临 ,2014年1月6日中餐发展基金举办了第十届中餐百佳颂奖典礼和精湛的厨艺表演。名厨甄文达和中餐发展基金会长出席了此次颁奖典礼。


2014 年1月迎来了两大节日, 这预示了新的一年双重的祝福。按照中国十二星座,2014年1月马年正是开始。在中国,春节是最重要的一个社交和经济节日, 根据传统这一节日代表了家人的重聚,过世亲人的祭奠和好运的迎接。春节的庆祝总是围绕着美食和食物的准备。中餐发展基金副会长,Theresa Lin 说,“在美国,中餐发展基金通过用餐馆试吃和烹饪展示将中国文化展示给美国人”。


第十届中餐百佳颂奖典礼和厨艺表演在坐落于湾区纽瓦克市8407 中央大道的 大楼里隆重举行。参与的餐馆包括湾区最受欢迎餐馆,Ginger Café, Penang Garden, Madhuban Cuisine, Sushi Island, Michelle’ Pancake House, 85C Bakery, Little Hot Pot和名厨甄文达的最新开张餐厅   M.Y.China。有主厨Tony Wu, Jimmy Zhang, Raymond Tang 和 Eddie Cheng. 中餐发展基金会秘书长 Betty Xie 表示,“这是令我们非常兴奋的一天。今天32个洲的餐馆东主参与了基金会的董事会”15位基金会董事会成员参与了中午12点的剪裁活动,其中包括:名厨甄文达,名誉退休市长 David Smith,前联邦商务副部长Ro Khanna,纽瓦克市市长Alan Nagy。


平均每天,在美国的中国餐厅提供3,770,000顿中餐给美国人。 从中国城到主要街区,从市区外卖到邻近小区餐馆,中餐已经称为了美国人餐桌的日常附带物。